How To Go Live On Instagram With Android & iOS (Read Details)

Now you can go live on Instagram with Instagram new feature that just added more fun to the picture World experience. Have you ever had that feeling of wanting to share some moments with your pals in different town or city, I have! It’s a natural phenomena that we can’t help sometimes.


Those moments that you are playing with your cat pet, or those fun moments when you are having a picnic with family, or those moments when you are partying with friends that you wish you could share the live videos with you pals.

Okay! This is where Instagram live video feature comes in, where moments can be shared and broadcasted for friends on social media platforms. This Instagram Live Video feature is the newest Instagram app feature that allows you to go live on Instagram, but the question now is how go live on Instagram? It is quite simple and will soon be available to all Instagram users.

Steps On How To Go Live On Instagram With Android & iOS.

First Step:

Open Google Play store or apple play store and search for Instagram.


Second Step:

Open INSTAGRAM and swipe left.


Third Step:

Click the live button and BOOM!You are live!



Go back to the store supported by your phone, keep scrolling down on till you see IM IN! Then click on it. You may have to wait for few minutes, but from the moment you click the IM IN icon, you will always have the latest features. Then install and start going live on Instagram.




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